Minuwangoda Geographical Situation


Geographical Features of Minuwangoda.
The area is flat and more lands in North above 100 feets from sea level. Hillocks can be seen in Kotugoda, Nedagamuwa, Kehelbaddara, Udugampola and Pethiyagoda. The maximum height is 228 feels. West towards canals of Kuda Oya are following through the area and Attanagalu Oya is flowing West towards.

Soil Spread
According to the soil spread in Minuwangoda area, 03 Zones can be classified.

  1. Latosolic and Regosols soil
  2. Erosional Remenants
  3. Red Yellow Podzolic soil
Availability of red Podzolic soil in Minuwangoda is more than 95%. Latasol and Regosols can be see in a small area.



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